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The weight loss experts at Carolina Pain and Weight take the time to speak with each patient to understand their unique habits and desires. A comprehensive medical panel assesses the patient’s unique background, family history, and other factors to determine an approach that will be most effective.

Backed by medical knowledge and experience, as well as a cutting-edge, holistic approach to weight loss, our weight loss programs will help you lose the pounds in a way that’s tailored to you, the patient. Call today to schedule a consultation at our weight loss offices in Mooresville and Salisbury or request your appointment online.

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Our Customized Exercise Program

The key to leading a healthy lifestyle is exercise. Exercise not only reduces a person’s risk of having a stroke or developing diabetes, but also lowers blood pressure, improves a person’s mood, boosts energy, helps with sleep, increases life expectancy and decreases one’s chances of developing arthritis. Exercise can even engender greater motivation, which can inspire a person to exercise even more!

The team at Carolina Pain and Weight Loss works with each patient to create a personalized routine that challenges patients, but does not overwork them. Our hope is that patients can use our exercise program to establish healthy habits that make for an overall healthier lifestyle.

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HCG Injections

HCG, also known as human chorionic gonadotropin, is a hormone normally used to treat infertility in men and women that can also be injected to curb hunger. Because the hormone reduces patients’ appetites, most patients feel comfortable eating a little over 500 calories per day. The reduced intake of nutrients causes the body to use existing fat as its energy source, with the result that fat rapidly disappears.

We work with patients to ensure that they make every meal count, consuming appropriate servings of grains, vegetables, fruit, and protein when they feel hungry. In this way, patients are still able to get the nutrients they need while their appetite is suppressed.

Multivitamin/B-12/Appetite Suppressant


It is unclear to scientists exactly how taking a multivitamin daily promotes weight loss, yet studies show that test groups who took multivitamins lost more weight on average than those who took a placebo or did not consume anything. There are a few theories as to how multivitamins help people knock off the pounds. Some researchers suggest that multivitamins suppress people’s appetites. This is based on the assumption that people are likely to feel hungry when the body is low on vitamins and minerals, and as a result eat more food. By taking a multivitamin, people are able to satisfy their body’s need for these minerals and vitamins, and therefore their appetite fires up less frequently. Another popular theory explaining the effect of multivitamins on weight suggests that multivitamins prevent the development of vitamin and mineral deficiencies that can contribute to extra weight.

Vitamin B-12 Injections

Vitamin B-12 can be found in many foods, including meat, fish, and dairy products. At Carolina Pain and Weight Loss, we also offer the vitamin as an injection that can be used to aid weight loss. B-12 is believed to boost energy and quicken the body’s metabolism. The boost of energy helps patients be more active, while a speedier metabolism means more consumed food is being transformed into energy.

Appetite Suppressant

Appetite suppressants are designed to increase levels of two chemicals found in the body, serotonin, and catecholamine. These chemicals affect mood and appetite; by increasing the amount of these chemicals, patients do not feel as hungry and so do not consume as many calories. Appetite suppressants are available in tablet and extended-release capsule forms.

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Personalized Diet Plan

The team at Carolina Pain and Weight Loss has a great deal of knowledge related to nutrition and healthy eating. Our approach relies primarily on education. Each patient spends time with one of our team members, learning about how to obtain the nutrients they need from a balanced, portion-controlled diet and identifying products with little nutritional value that they can cut from their diets. Additionally, we provide the support and encouragement that patients often need in order to harness the willpower necessary to persist with their new diet.

Because we take an education-oriented approach to dieting, patients leave our office equipped with knowledge that enables them to eat healthy for the rest of their lives.

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