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Carolina Pain and Weight Loss provides care to patients who are struggling with chronic pain. Our pain management specialists recognize that every patient’s condition is unique. They will take the time to fully understand your symptoms in order to develop a customized treatment plan. If you suffer from chronic pain, call our office in Mooresville at (704) 360-4564 or our office in Salisbury at (704) 360-4564 to schedule a consultation today!

Medication Management

Sometimes, medication may be an irreplaceable component of your pain management. When this is the case, Carolina Pain and Weight Loss strives to find the type and dose of pain medication that is most effective for you. Additionally, we help you establish a schedule and keep a log to ensure that you do not over or under use your prescription. We are conveniently located to patients near Lake Norman, Kannapolis, Statesville and Concord with offices in Mooresville and Salisbury.

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Therapeutic Injections

Therapeutic injections are a conservative form of pain management. There are a few different types of therapeutic injections, including nerve blocks, epidural steroid injections, and radiofrequency nerve ablation. During a nerve block, medication – which may be a local anesthetic, steroid, or narcotic – is injected into or around damaged or problematic nerves.

Epidural Steroid Injections

An epidural steroid injection, on the other hand, involves injecting an anti-inflammatory medication into the epidural space (the space surrounding the membrane that covers the spinal cord and nerve roots. It is frequently used to address lower back, neck, or radicular pain that is caused by a nerve that has become irritated due to a bulging or herniated disc, arthritic bone spurs, or scar tissue. An x-ray may be used to position the needle before the anti-inflammatory medication is released.

Radiofrequency Nerve Ablation

During radiofrequency nerve ablation, heat-producing radio waves are focused on a specific facet joint. Each facet joint has two nerves. One needle is inserted into each nerve in the facet joint using fluoroscopic guidance. Radio waves are sent through the needles into the nerves. The heat from the radio waves destroys the nerves, thereby relieving pain.


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Trigger Point Injections

Painful areas of muscle containing knots that form when muscles do not relax, known as trigger points, can be treated using trigger point injections. Trigger points can be painful by themselves, and they can also irritate nearby nerves, causing referred pain (pain that is felt in other areas of the body that correspond to the nerve). Trigger points can usually be felt under the skin, so, before an injection is administered, a provider may press and pinch the patient’s skin to locate the trigger point. A topical anesthesia is then spread over the skin above the trigger point to reduce discomfort during the injection. A small needle is inserted into the trigger point, and an injection consisting of local anesthetic and corticosteroid is released into the area. The trigger point then relaxes, reducing tension on nearby nerves and alleviating pain. The patient is encouraged to stretch and move the muscle immediately after the injection is performed.

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