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Carolina Pain and Weight Loss is the only practice in the Mooresville and Salisbury area to offer appointments within 24 hours of a patient’s original request. Our addiction experts understand the need for urgent intervention before a patient is subjected to painful symptoms of withdrawal. If you require opioid addiction treatment right away, please request an appointment with us online, or call one our addiction clinics in Salisbury and Mooresville.

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What Are the Signs of Addiction?

Recognizing the signs and symptoms of substance abuse and addiction of opioids is often the first step toward treatment. Signs and symptoms can be physical, behavioral, and psychological. A major sign of addiction is when a person cannot stop using the drug even when the drug is causing trouble with your health, with money, with school or work, with the law or with relationships with family and friends. American Addiction Center list out a few other signs that may indicate a drug addiction:

  • Experiencing withdrawal symptoms when unable to take the drug
  • Developing tolerance, so it’s necessary to take more to feel the original euphoria
  • Stealing to get the drug
  • Lying about consumption habits, or getting defensive or aggressive when questioned about consumption
  • Compulsively taking the drug or being unable to stop taking it

You might be addicted if you crave the drug or if you feel like you can’t control the urge to take the drug. Friends and family may be aware of your addiction problem before you are, because they notice the changes in your behavior.

Addiction Is a Chronic, Life-Long Disease

Opioid addiction is a chronic disease, like hypertension or diabetes. A chronic disease is a medical condition for life. It cannot be cured, but it can be managed, and Carolina Pain and Weight Loss can help!

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You can regain your health, your job and your family and friends. Treatment consists of the care of medical professionals, medications and substance abuse counseling. Treatment helps you give up the problem drug or drugs and avoid them in the future. Treatment also helps you change addictive thinking and behavior. It can help you move away from harmful behaviors and helps you to heal damaged relationships and address life issues.

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What should I do if I think I’m addicted?

Treatment for opioid addiction is different for each person, but the main goal is to help you stop using the drug and avoid using it again in the future. If you are like most people, you understand that it is extremely difficult to quit on your own.

There are three components of treatment:

  • Commitment – The first step in breaking addiction is realizing that you control your own behavior. You must commit to quitting. Take control of your behavior and commit to fighting your addictions.
  • Medication – We are here to help as we understand the power of cravings and symptoms of withdrawal. We will provide medication to help ease cravings for the drug and prevent withdrawal. Medication frees you from thinking of the drug all of the time and allows you to focus on lifestyle changes that lead you back to a productive life with friends and family. The goal of medication assisted treatment is to regain a healthy, productive lifestyle. Medication for opioid abuse is not substituting one addictive drug for another. If used properly, the medication does NOT create a new addiction. It provides a safe controlled level of medication to allow you to avoid the problem drug.
  • Support – Counseling will provide motivation to continued commitment to treatment. It will provide encouragement to make healthy decisions, handle stress and find ways to handle set backs. Counseling will arm you with the tools and support you need to quit and move on with your life.

Addiction Treatment Frequently Asked Questions

Everyone’s treatment is different. Commitment to treatment is the number one component to success. Your provider will determine the frequency of your visits. Usually, weekly visits are necessary at the beginning. You will then progress to every 2 weeks, then monthly. We require our patients to be enrolled in our opioid addiction treatment program for at least 1 year, with some extending up to 3 years.

Your provider will determine which medication is in your best interest. All providers have been trained and are licensed by the DEA to prescribe medication for MAT (medication-assisted treatment) programs.

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Yes, counseling is an integral part of medication-assisted treatment. It will provide continued motivation to commitment and help avoid setbacks. Our practice refers out to counselors in Mooresville and Salisbury for patients who require opioid addiction treatment. Your chosen counselor will determine the frequency of these sessions.

We accept most private insurances, Medicare and Medicaid. For these individuals, the cost is their copay. We will also accept patients who do not have insurance. The initial visit is $317.00. Follow up visits are $125.00.

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