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Patients of Carolina Pain and Weight Loss are often prescribed various types of medication to help alleviate and manage symptoms of chronic pain. Introducing new medications to a person’s daily regimen should always include a thorough discussion of each medication from our licensed professionals. Schedule a consultation with a pain management specialist today! Schedule your appointment pain management clinic in Salisbury and Mooresville.

Medication Management Consultations

Our providers seek to not only treat a patient’s pain, but to also fully educate the patient about the state of their health and their chosen method of treatment. It may take a few trials of different kinds of medication in order to find one that works best for a particular individual, which leads many patients to feel a bit worried or anxious over their medication management.

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The best solution to this problem is to have an experienced provider carefully explain the purpose and reasoning of why a specific medication was prescribed, and to alert the patient of any potential side effects that they may experience.


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Prior to starting a new treatment plan that utilizes prescribed medications, our providers will complete a comprehensive evaluation of each patient. This analysis will help to determine the individual’s specific symptoms and discover their lifestyle habits, which will both influence the provider’s decision on which type of medication to recommend.


Monitoring the Results

As mentioned, this process involves a bit of trial and error. Every patient is entirely unique, meaning that what may work well for one may not be an adequate solution for another. Our providers will of course never put a patient at serious risk when prescribing new medications, so you can rest assured that you will be highly unlikely to experience dangerous side effects and that the proposed benefits of the medication significantly outweigh the risks. All medications are chosen collaboratively between specific providers and their patients to select a treatment plan featuring benefits that far outweigh its risks, though patients should stay in contact to communicate about how their medications are working for them and/or any side effects they may be experiencing.

What Are Some At Home Tips for Medication Management?

A majority of prescription medications will need to be taken daily in order to provide optimal results. For this reason, it is important that patients are diligent and responsible about managing their medications while at home. It is not uncommon for individuals to take multiple medications at one time to address their painful symptoms. To avoid feelings of confusion or frustration, our experts would like to offer their advice regarding proper maintenance of medications in the home:

  • Make a list: Write down every single one of your medications and when they need to be taken throughout the day as well as the week. This will prevent you from accidentally skipping a dose or administering a medication at the wrong time.
  • Set an alarm: For those that take medications at various times throughout a single day, it can be easy to race through the day and wind up missing a dose. Utilize a simple reminder or alarm on your phone to help get you into the habit of taking your medications at exactly the right time each day.
  • Use a pill box: These boxes were specifically designed to help people manage their medications. Offering separate sections based on each weekday, a pill box only requires you to separate out your medications at the beginning of the week to set you up for success over the next several days.
  • Make a sign: Put a post-it note on your bathroom mirror, or do whatever works best for you to remind yourself to take your medications while in certain spots throughout your home.

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